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We are one of the leading pipeline contractors in Northern Ireland. We specialise in installation of large diameter trunk mains and have successfully delivered prestigious high profile projects for our Clients in demanding locations. Examples include:

  • 14km of 400-500mm DI/PE from Ballinrees WTW to Moys SR near Limavady as part of the Alpha Project
  • 8km 600mm DI from Castor Bay WTW to Forked Bridge WTW , also as part of the Alpha Project
  • 2.5km 900mm DI from Purdysburn SR to Barnetts Park as part of Belfast Crosstown Main
  • 6km 710mm, 3.5km 355mm PE as part of Ballydougan to Newry Strategic Trunk Main Phase 1
  • 4.5km 600mm DI as part of Ballydougan to Newry Strategic Trunk Main Phase 2


We are highly experienced in sewer pipeline installation and have installed many kilometres of large diameter concrete gravity sewer pipeline and varying diameters pumping mains in various locations throughout Ireland.

In addition we have constructed several RC structures within live WWTW.

Road Drainage

More recently we have used our expertise and skill to diversify and extend the company’s activities to include Road Drainage and Pre Earthworks Drainage. Concrete gravity pipelines up to 2100mm have been successfully installed. Current works on the high profile A8 Belfast to Larne Duelling Project also include manual underpasses, shuttle crossings, excavation and formation of temporary sediment ponds. Additionally we are currently constructing permanent detention basins.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Several years ago, as part of our policy for continuous improvement and in accordance with our Environmental Objectives to minimise the effect of our activities on our Environment we invested in Horizontal Directional Drills. This method of pipeline installation creates much less disruption to the general public and reduces the amount of waste generated.

Pipe Bursting and Pneumatic Moling

We have invested heavily in pipe bursting technology to ensure efficient installation with minimal waste and disruption. We operate a range of Grundoburst rigs for trenchless replacement of a pipe in its existing path. This allows for installation of a new pipe of equal or larger nominal diameter in widths up to 200mm.

We also operate a range of Grundomat pneumatic soil displacement moles.